As I was laying in bed last night thinking about ‘the list’ (basically everything I have to do before Monday), I was also thinking about what I wanted to blog about next. I decided that I wanted to share one of my recent obsessions with you. A site called it is INCREDIBLE! Basically you create an account and you have what they call ‘pin boards’ and you can create a board for any category you want. I have about 10, they range from DIY craft projects to home decoration ideas. They literally have every category you can imagine though. You get to follow other people on it and re-pin stuff that you like from their boards onto yours and if you are browsing the internet and come across something you like and want to save you can download a button that goes on your web browser tool bar that says pin it and all you have to do is click it and it pins it to one of your boards! It keeps the things you like organized as well as a good way to keep track of all the stuff you love! Its really addicting once you get going, I could probably spend days on it, but then my apartment would never get cleaned, and my fiance doesn’t really know how to cook so I would probably starve! And that’s no good so for now, I just jump on it any time I have some free time! I figured since I hyped it up so much I would share some of the things I pinned that I found interesting! 
This was just a quote that I love! I pinned it to my quotes board. 
Not that I plan on having kids ANYTIME soon, but I love these colors together!
This was one of the best and most simple DIY projects I found, its a dry erase board for your week, or whatever you want to write on it. All you do is buy frames and cut different style scrap book paper to put in each, and then hang them!

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