364 days!

Yesterday marked a year from when we are going to be married. I can’t believe how fast the time is going. I feel like there are probably a million things to do but every time I sit to make a list my head runs through all the other stuff that is going on and goes blank on the wedding! I hope to do most of the decorating myself and I want to add a personal touch to everything! Pintrest has been wonderful for finding inspiration. I was trying to come up with decorations to put on the candy table, which we have decided to do instead of favors, and as I was searching I saw all these beautiful and fun things!

Beautiful Cake- except instead of the monogram we would have a cake topper! Maybe even our initials as the cake topper.

I found this idea which is a fun way to do a guestbook. I used to LOVE mad libs when I was little, such a fun touch I think!

I also found this which I thought was sweet and simple to thank all of our guests!

The guest lib and thank you would be so easy to do myself which would save us some money as well as add a nice touch! 

I also found this and just kept thinking how true it was…

I am off to NH this weekend to visit with the family, jump in some leaves, play with my puppy, and go apple picking!! Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!
Anyone else have ideas!?? I would love to hear what other people have done at their wedding for DIY decorations and personal touches! 
Happy Autumn! 

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